Current Exhibitions - Center for Visual Arts

The Heat of the Moment Exhibition
June 2 - 29, 2017

This exhibition is inspired by spontaneity, impulse, anger or passion. What happens to the artist when their mind is completely enveloped in the process of making? What informs the decisions they make while creating a work of art? Do you create rapid, expressive paintings which involve taking risks and leaping into the unknown? Perhaps the subject matter of your work involves the human experience and decision making.

Award Winners

Best of Show
"In a Moment's Thought" - George Vita

First Place
"Summer in the City" - James Sheehy

Second Place
"Stretch, Stretch, Relax" - Eileen Amster

Third Place
"Opposable Realities" - Caitlin Rosolen-De Jesus

Merit Award
"Twister" - Peter Sargent

Current Exhibition - Center for Performing Arts

The Art of Alvarez, LePree, Spartin and Vita
April 27 - June 24, 2017

This exhibition follows the paths of four artists who are extremely prolific and experimental in their work. Their collective breadth and scope samples the majority of 21st century painting and sculpture. Alvarez’s approach to sculpture is a tour de force. The range and scope of her subject matter is only limited by her boundless imagination. The paintings of LePree, Spartin and Vita each follow their own route to arrive at similar destinations; powerful scenes driven by color, composition and technique.