Current Exhibitions - Center for Visual Arts

Surrealist Summer Exhibition
August 4 - 25, 2017

What is real? What is imaginary? This exhibition aims to merge the two. Surrealism can have many forms but at its core is the element of surprise by contrasting elements. Artists should look for new ways to examine and deconstruct reality by use of symbolism in unanticipated ways.

Award Winners

Best of Show
“Cheeky as a Thatched Cottage in Brixton” - Ted de Clercq

First Place
“Where’s the Birdseed!” - Louise Soderlund

Second Place
“Function” - Courtney Frahm

Third Place
“Twisted” - John Hutson

Fourth Place
“Causalities of the Cole Haan Shoe War” - Del Holt

Fifth Place
“Sea Serpent” - Lee Riggs

Sixth Place
“Seclusion” - Jennifer Unwin

Merit Award
“Inside is Outside” - Linda Reusche

Current Exhibition - Center for Performing Arts

The Art of Harper, Jones and Kurzman
June 29 - August 19, 2017

Harper, Jones and Kurzman are dedicated and prolific artists in their work. Harper pushes her paint into the cerebral with the dynamic gestures and sophisticated story lines of her abstract acrylic paintings. Jones meticulously labors over his detailed pastel paintings littered with rich local imagery expressed in new and invigorating light. Kurzman captures a different light through the lens of his camera with his perceptive compositions and complex narratives.