Stage It! 10-Minute Plays Competition: Schedule

February 18 & 19, 2017

Act I

Life Jacket
by Delvyn Case, Jr.
On a beach near Bodrum, Turkey and a beach on the Greek Island of Kos, two refugees cross dangerous waters.

Violating Uncle Piggy
by Judd Lear Silverman
Parental betrayal traded for lose change must be explained in this interrogation—Uncle Piggy was found violated.

The Dating Game
by Rod McFadden
One single, one married, talking about the current dating scene. Situational comedy.

An Ordinary Woman
by Sean Patrick Nill
Ordinary Suzy Ponelle confesses a series of vengeful crimes to the police.

The Promise
by Mary Lescoe-Long
A woman confronts her own demon, literally. An emotional drama.

Ode On A Donut Shop
by Ethan Warren
An existential, absurdist comedy in a donut shop at 1:24 AM.

Act II

The Nude
by William Newkirk
The opening of a new show at an art gallery. Artist and her new model meet accidental patron and the snotty art critique.

Everyone’s Child
by Delvyn Case, Jr.
Kos, Greece, an island near where refugees land. Dramatic.

Toil & Trouble
by Trevor Suthers
A retelling of Macbeth. A literal and intellectual comedy, but still broad.

The Last Holdout
by Judd Lear Silverman
A menu change at a local senior center finds the last holdout in final negotiations with the only staff member who can get the job done.

Counting On Love
by Rod McFadden
A discussion after a first date. A smart romantic comedy.

The Professor And The Flea
by Denise Hinson
An odd farce based on a fable. Presentational characters in an oddball, artistic comedy.