Stage It! 10-Minute Plays Competition: 2017 Awards

2018 Finalists and Semi-finalists announced March 2018


Audience Favorite Award Winner
The Nude by William Newkirk

A Supportive Wife Supports Her Wife by Rex McGregor
Barely There by Edward Borkhuis
Being Frank by Paul McCormick
Dancing in Midair by Richard Davis Jr
Eat Your Candy by Patti Veconi
Five Minutes Won't Kill You by David Liu
Hell's Kitchen by Robin Russin
Help By Buddy Farmer
Hush by Denise Hinson
In the Dark by Tony Pasqualini
Leaf Blower Cantata by John Adams
Life in the Craft Lane by Les Abromovitz
Loyalty by Brenda Foley
Our Species is Screwed by Evan Baughfman
Paper Planes by Michael Pisaturo
Player of the Week by Peter Mergel
Protocol by Brenda Foley
Proud Mary and Prejudiced Lydia by Rex McGregor
The Bee That Declared a War by Cary Simowitz
The Consignment Shop by Iris Shur
The Cookie Jar by Patti Veconi
The Kindness of Strangers by Marc Simon
The Off Chance by Teri Foltz
The Pitch by Tod Golding
The Woofer and the Flagger by Ethan Bortman
Two Ships by Ed Friedman
Us and Them by Vicki Riba Koestler

An Ordinary Woman by Sean Patrick Nill
Counting On Love by Rod McFadden
Everyone's Child by Delvyn Case Jr
Life Jacket by Delvyn Case Jr
Ode on a Donut Shop by Ethan Warren
Phoneliness by Ethan Bortman
The Dating Game by Rod McFadden
The Last Holdout by Judd Silverman
The Nude by William Newkirk
The Professor and the Flea by Denise Hinson
The Promise by Mary Lescoe-Long
Toil & Trouble by Trevor Suthers
Violating Uncle Piggy by Judd Silverman