Figure Study:
Modern Atelier Core Program

The atelier method reflects the classical academic tradition of the dedicated study of the human form as observed from life. This program consists of four sessions, 5-weeks each, which gradually orient students to novel processes for accurate observation and creative interpretations of the figure.

These courses are for all levels of ability working in pencil, charcoal, or oil, with a concentration on fundamental drawing concepts applied to the study of the human body. The program offers rolling admission, at any level of progression, with each session providing a specific focus to help the student acquire a coherent working process that fosters skill development and an aesthetic that appreciates beauty through the truthful depiction of nature.

Additionally, afternoon courses centering on masterwork copying are offered to advance the understanding of form. Students in this course will copy two-dimensional drawings from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course and three-dimensional plaster casts inspired by figurative sculptures from classical antiquity.