Bonita Springs National Art Festivals

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Bonita Springs National Art Festivals

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Our commitment to presenting quality artwork and a pleasant experience to the patrons has resulted in the highest ratings by the National ranking services. View and buy artworks directly from the artists who produce the work. Enjoy the artworks of 200 National and International artists of the highest quality. Art lovers in the Southwest Florida community may view and obtain the work of award winning artists from the United States, Canada and Europe. Paintings, glass, jewelry, clay works, photography, sculpture, wood and more.

Great tasting foods and beverages in a comfortable park setting.
The festivals support the Centers for the Arts campuses of the not for profit Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs. Programs for all ages and all seasons.

Our Commitment

For the Visitors


Every January, February and March, artists will set up their booths in and around Riverside Park in Bonita Springs and dazzle the public with their talent. Bonita Springs welcomes hundreds of nationally and internationally known artists during the Bonita Springs National Art Festivals. Ranked high nationally and known to artists as one of the best in the country, many apply, approximately 200 accepted by a tough jury panel. That means you get the best‐of‐the‐best to see, an unparalleled and excellent collection of original artwork.

For the Community


These great Festivals are a lot more than one weekend in January, February and March. They're about 365 days a year, every year, for 18 years. That's a lot.
The Bonita Springs National Art Festivals have given identity and brought recognition to Bonita Springs and Southwest Florida, giving the City of Bonita Springs its largest cultural events. 'A community's sense of place, its unique 'fabric' is not a static concept; it evolves and develops over time. The Festivals helped shape, reveal and enhance our identity, the unique meaning, value and character of our community.' said Board Chair, Jacke McCurdy.

  • Local families receive over $8,000 worth of free Saturday Family Activity Days annually, featuring docent tours, hands‐on art projects, and a film series at our Center for Visual Arts

Proceeds Benefit


100% of the proceeds of the Festivals go back into the community, shaping both our present and future.

  • Local youth receive over $97,000 in scholarships annually to participate in visual and performing arts programming on our campuses
  • Local Elementary Schools receive over $20,000 worth of visual and performing arts programming annually
  • Local high school, middle and elementary school students receive over $7,000 in free exhibitions, receptions and award programs on our campuses
  • Youths and adults receive over $20,000 worth of free Community Theater Programs with full scale productions throughout the year at our Center for Performing Arts

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