BRENDA BELFIELD, Abstract & Beyond 1

Dec 05, 2022 9:00AM—Dec 07, 2022 3:00PM


Center for Performing Arts - 10150 Bonita Beach Rd

Cost $440 Member / $490 Non-Member



Abstract & Beyond 1
Instructor: Brenda Belfield
Medium: Acrylics
Level: All with any experience

ABSTRACT PAINTING begins with a recognizable subject: still life, landscapes, florals, etc. and Non-Objective art has no recognizable form.  When painting intuitively a painter may begin with a subject and allow it to transform beyond into a non-objective painting.  This class will focus on the process of beginning a painting and exploring options to take it “beyond” abstraction.  Surfaces will be enhanced with textures made with pastels, water-based crayons, charcoal, and collage.  Demonstrations of techniques and tools (palette knife, rollers, printing, veiling) will offer new ideas to painters. Class begins with exercises on large pad of paper and then small and large canvasses, acrylics only. All levels with any experience.

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