BRENDA BELFIELD, Create a Multimedia Art Book – A Playful Approach to Painting

Dec 18, 2023 9:00AM—Dec 20, 2023 3:00PM


Center for Performing Arts - 10150 Bonita Beach Rd

Cost $380 Member / $430 Non-Member



Create a Multimedia Art Book
Instructor: Brenda Belfield
Medium: Mixed
Level: All

Using a large sheet of Arches watercolor paper (supplied), learn how to make a “concertina” art book (folds like an accordion)! Brenda Belfield, abstract artist, will demo how to create and use your personal book to explore abstract landscapes, color schemes, florals, and more with mixed media. Especially useful if you only have 30 minutes to create a painting in your daily practice! After completing some or all of 10-20 pages in your book you may choose to work on a small or large canvas. In the future, students may create a number of these books to record their creative progress!