DEMO: HOWARD FRIEDLAND, An Abstract Approach to Painting Realistically

Mar 18, 2024 3:00PM—5:00PM


Center for Performing Arts - 10150 Bonita Beach Road

Cost $25.00



DEMO: An Abstract Approach to Painting Realistically
Instructor: Howard Friedland
Medium: Oil/Acrylic
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Artists see the world the same as everyone else! The difference is; in order to create a work of art, artists use certain methods and principles to depict their vision so they can communicate emotionally. For example: A painter must learn to see the particular abstract shapes, tones, colors and lines of an individual tree rather than a generic symbol of a “tree” that a non-painter would perceive. In this workshop we will explore the abstract concepts and methods painters have passed down over time to give interest, dimension, clarity and feelings to your painting. Instructor Howard Friedland will show you how to take a mundane scene the average person might walk right by daily and unlock the visual beauty of it in your painting.