Sep 15, 2023 7:30PM


Center for Performing Arts, Hinman Auditorium - 10150 Bonita Beach Road

Cost $49 Tier 1 / $42 Tier 2




The Beatles with a Blues Twist!

The Blues Beatles are a Blues band that mixes the melodies of the Beatles with traditional Blues arrangements, a mix that has been winning in Brazil, the USA, and Europe. And they become an “instant sensation” everywhere they play: USA (New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Memphis, Orlando, Charlotte, Montgomery, Chattanooga), Denmark (Aarhus, Randers, Esbjerg, Skanderborg, Skagen, AAbybro, Agger) Brasilia, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte… it’s a long list!

The mashup started during the breaks between rehearsals of Today, an original band that Marcos Viana, Flavio Naves, Lancaster Ferreira, Bruno Falcão, and Fred Barley started in 2010. The singer Marcos would invariably pick up his acoustic guitar and start playing Beatles songs. His bandmates were amazed at how natural the songs seemed—it was as if Marcos had written them himself. This was because Marcos identified with the songs and never tried to imitate John or Paul. He simply sang with his own voice and from his heart. Being Blues players, the rest of the band started adding their Blues twist to these “break songs.” One day Lancaster said: “Why don’t we mix these two things we love to play? We could call this the Blues Beatles!” Everyone loved the idea, and the rest is history…

Friday, September 15, 2023, 7:30pm
Center for Performing Arts, Hinman Auditorium
10150 Bonita Beach Road
Tickets: $49 Tier 1 / $42 Tier 2