The Devil and Daniel Johnston (Documentary)

Jul 10, 2023 7:00PM


Center for Performing Arts, Moe Auditorium & Film Center - 10150 Bonita Beach Road

Cost $8.00 General Admission

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The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a 2005 documentary film directed by Jeff Feuerzeig that tells the story of Daniel Johnston, an outsider artist and musician from Texas who has battled with mental illness throughout his life. The film features archival footage, interviews with Johnston’s family and friends, and Johnston’s own recordings and artwork.

The film chronicles Johnston’s early years as a teenage artist and musician, his rise to fame in the 1980s as a singer-songwriter, and his struggles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which led to numerous hospitalizations and periods of erratic behavior. Despite his mental illness, Johnston’s music and artwork have earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

The documentary also explores the cultural and artistic significance of Johnston’s work, particularly in the context of the lo-fi and outsider music movements of the 1980s and 1990s. Johnston’s music has been cited as an influence by numerous artists, including Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a powerful portrait of an artist who has overcome tremendous obstacles to create a body of work that continues to resonate with audiences today. The film is widely regarded as one of the best music documentaries of all time and has played an important role in raising awareness of Johnston’s unique artistic vision and his struggles with mental illness.

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