A Message from Resident Artist Theresa Girard

Traditionally, an artist residency would provide a sort of artistic sanctuary for creative individuals. They would spend time thinking, creating, and conducting research without outside pressures. I have developed and produced 14 of these successful residences in areas across the East Coast. In recent years, the residency concept has changed. Many museums, universities, and other institutions are not extending artists an invitation to escape from society, but rather to engage with it—allowing the organization more diverse connections within the community.

Relative to Arts Bonita, I have provided many professional artist workshops, especially during the pandemic, allowing the centers to continue through extremely challenging times. I have underwritten shows for students, and provided them with professional photographs. I’ve been a lecturer, exhibition juror, and a conduit for other educators to come and share the arts. I have underwritten scholarships exceeding $4000 for students under the umbrella of “Support Women Artists,” which is supported financially by tgirardart.

Looking forward, I can also provide a “Support Women Artist” category of awards for member exhibitions, plus underwrite and jury an “all abstract show” for members, and provide ongoing support to the Arts Bonita education department.

Regardless of this great honor I will continue to make these contributions. Arts Bonita is a source of great inspiration, and the sustainment of the art center is a critical goal of my practice.

Theresa Girard Workshops and Lectures

Being Vital in Today’s Art World

Mar 06, 2024 12:00PM—1:30PM

Center for Performing Arts, Moe Auditorium & Film Center - 10150 Bonita Beach Road


Mar 08, 2024 9:00AM—Mar 10, 2024 3:00PM

Center for Performing Arts - 10150 Bonita Beach Road