Ticket & Venue Information & Policies


All sales are final. There are no refunds on tickets except for cancelled events that are not rescheduled. Center for Performing Arts does not offer refunds on purchased ticket. In rare circumstances when a performance may be cancelled (due to extreme weather, artist absence, or other unavoidable situations) we offer refunds or replacement tickets for another performance.



All exchanges are subject to availability. Tickets must be exchanged no later than 48 hours before the performance. There is a $5 per ticket exchange fee, plus any difference in ticket price. However, if the per ticket price of the new performance is lower than the per ticket price of the original performance, no difference will be refunded to the patron. The $5 per ticket exchange fee applies in this instance as well. Ticket exchanges must be made in person at the Center for Performing Arts during normal operating hours, 10am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.

There are NO exchanges on group sales or complimentary tickets.


Missed Performances

There is no compensation for missed performances.


Share a Show

If you are unable to attend a performance, please return your tickets to the Center for Performing Arts at least 48 hours (week days only) in advance of the show. Even if we are unable to distribute these tickets, a tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you via email, thanking you for your donation.


Group Sales

Groups of 20 or more can take advantage of a 20% discount for selected events. Please contact our office for assistance 239-495-8989.


Complimentary Tickets

All complimentary tickets must be redeemed for seating at a performance no later than 24 hours before the performance.


Show Start Times/Late Seatings

Center for the Performing Arts works closely with performers to start all shows on time. All patrons are required to be seated before a performance begins. Late Seating will be done at breaks in the performances or during performer designated times. Lobby doors open one hour prior to performance. Auditorium doors open one-half hour prior to performance.


Child Policies

All patrons entering the theater, no matter how young, must have a ticket and the opportunity to occupy a seat. For the enjoyment of everyone, and to allow us to comply with local fire codes, there may be no babies in arms at any Center for Performing Arts performance. Please carefully consider whether a performance is appropriate for children before planning to attend with young people. Also, please be aware that children who are disruptive will not be allowed to remain in the theater. Be considerate of others in the audience and of your young person’s comfort. Children under the age of four are only permitted at Youth Theater Performances. While on Center for the Performing Arts premises, children attending live performances must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


Special Needs and Accommodations

Please advise the Box office of any special needs or wheelchair accessible seating when ordering tickets so that we may make every effort to accommodate you. If a member of your party is in a wheelchair please let us know if the chair is oversized, has any special equipment (i.e. oxygen tank) or whether the party member can transfer from the chair. There are accessible parking spaces located near our two side lobby entrances.



We recommend that all patrons arrive 30-45 minutes prior to show time in order to find parking. A map showing parking lot entrances, our two designated lots, and grass parking areas can be found below.









Request a Charitable Donation

The Centers for the Arts supports fundraising events for nonprofit organizations through the donation of performance tickets at our Center for Performing Arts, or select programming opportunities at our Center for Visual Arts. All requests must be received in writing at least one month in advance of an event.


Donation Policy

The Centers for the Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit, and it’s our policy to donate only to other 501c3 organizations. We would like to grant all requests, but as a nonprofit organization, we must limit the number of contributions we make. Priority is given as follows:

● Arts organizations
● Educational organizations
● Other nonprofit organizations
● Sponsors of Centers for the Arts raising funds for nonprofit organizations

Due to limited availability, we are not always able to contribute to Priority organizations. Click here to complete the donation request form online.



● We can give only once every 24 months to each beneficiary group. (note the beneficiary of your event may have already received a donation from us, since multiple events often benefit a single group)
● No donations will be made that benefit a specific religious or political organization
● No donations will be made that benefit a specific individual or family
● Donations are limited to fundraising events only
● No donations will be made to organizations for their United Way campaigns
● All requests are subject to availability


Application Process

● Provide the name, event date and a description of the event
● Indicate the beneficiary, their 501c3 Tax ID number, and explain how proceeds from the event will be used
● Provide the name, phone number and email address of a contact person
● Provide the name of the organization and the address
● All requests must be submitted in writing, marked to the attention of the President